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Some Thoughts About The Future When You’re 23

First of all, I'm writing this just to improve my English. I have poor skill when it comes to write in english which is not my mother tongue. So pardon me when later you’ll find I messed up with grammar or inconsistency to stick with english. And you can go away if you don’t really interested with me, because mostly it’s just my rant about being 23 in some aspects of my life. Okay here we go.

If I Were A Boy

If I were a boy, I would be bad at it because I don’t really like outdoor activities or sports. If I were a boy, I would have a plenty of best friend because I usually hang out without any obligation to talk or entertain each other. If I were a boy, I would just play some online games on the weekend and think how to get a girlfriend, I definitely would google it. If I were a boy, I would quickly cover my eyes with a pillow and pretend that I am okay when my favourite character in anime died or had sad scars about childhood. If I were a boy, I would feel unfair because of ladies parking. Kartini didn’t die for this. If I were a boy, I would never get lost again even without a map, I could use all the shortcut in the city. If I were a boy, I would check other guy’s ‘thing’ in public toilets and try hard to control my eyes and stare straight as if nothing happened. If I were a boy, I would suck, because I couldn't bring myself to say some pickup line to girls. I wo