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Is it always this complicated?

 Too many people have opinions on things they know nothing about. And the more ignorant they are, the more opinions they have.

Being kind

To tell you the truth, I think all human being should at least have kindness as their standard of living. I always thought that being human, we need to be kind. That is what probably every religion taught us. Thus I think everybody else would exactly be kind. Until.. Life slaps me hard. Being kind ain’t that easy! In this pandemic, I learned that I took kindness for granted. I should have been grateful for everyone that still choosing kindness. Let me tell you a story. On a breezy Saturday evening last month, while I am on my bike. 6 PM. It started to get dark. I bought one mineral water from small shop far-far-far-away from my home. To get there, it took one and half hour. Yes I know it’s late, next time I will only go on the bike in the morning. WHY AM I doing this? I don’t know. Maybe I have extra energy to spend. At first, I don’t really get scared, since around Saturday night, couples usually go out and the streets would be crowded. But then… I remember… to